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Thursday, 15 September 2016

INDECENT is Out With A New Cover #CoverReveal #Romance #ASMSG

Welcome to Cover Reveal! 

By now, you know I love to tweak Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels to meet readers demands. INDECENT ~ So Seductive, my July 2016 Interracial Romance release has a new gorgeous book cover.

For a sweet ride to seduction,  meet Elna and Tonye in this sensational story that begins in Barcelona Airport all the way to Beverly Hills in California. Tonye and Elna will give you your money's worth.

~ Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels ~

Sultry beauty, Elna has a definite reason she is at the Airport. Although there are things no

one must find out, she does not worry about being controlled by the demands of a relationship. When a tall, dark-skinned man with rippling muscles stare at her legs on the flight to California, her chest pounds.

Tonye Briggs has other things on his mind when he boards the flight from Spain to Los Angeles. When a woman with golden hair and blue eyes slip into a fish-net swimsuit during the flight, he thrusts his urgent workload aside and tracks her down. Only, he does not consider the rough road to seduction.

Will the tiny spark in Elna and Tonye’s eyes burst into flames or will their passion die out before touch down? 


“Kiss me, Tonye.”

Pressing Elna’s body to his, Tonye ground his lips over hers, their breath mingled, their tongues danced together and they poured the words in their hearts into their locked lips.

Unable to stop himself, he kissed her hair and temple and squeezed her supple body to his vibrating frame. He growled as gentle sensations exploded into something stronger, deeper and hotter between them as Elna linked her arms around his hips.
INDECENT ~ So Seductive is available on the following sites.  
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