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Friday, 23 September 2016

Haiku Rhapsodies @cestone40 #Newrelease #AuthorInterview #Writer

Welcome to Book Showcase & Author Interview!

Today, it gives me great pleasure to present a very dear friend, prolific poet, blogger and a new Author from Ghana, Celestine Nudanu.

Celestine, a frequent visitor to my blog and she is out with her debut novel titled: HAIKU RHAPSODIES ~ Verses From Ghana.

I have been a keen visitor to Celestine's Blog where she shares her three line poems I find totally captivating and heart-warming.


Author Interview with Celestine
Hello Celestine, welcome to Author Interview. Please tell us a bit about you, your family and background.
(Smiling) Thank you Stella for this wonderful opportunity to share a little bit of myself and my poetry collection, Haiku Rhapsodies with your lovely followers.
As you know, I'm Celestine Nudanu from Ghana, West Africa. I'm married to my childhood sweetheart and I'm blessed with three boys. Oh did I forget to say that I also hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Theatre Studies, and a Masters degree in International Relations from the University of Ghana, Legon.         
Congratulations on your new release. Why did you decide to publish a book?
Thank you Stella. Hmm, that is a dicey question. Frankly, I don't know. I just decided to publish my haiku collection and bam I got going, with lots of faith behind me.
Celestine, please share the journey from conception to the publication of your new book.
Like I said earlier, I just made up my mind to publish and then I just moved. I  always tell my friends here in Ghana that I moved by faith. I had no idea where I was going, but my faith in God and what I was doing kept me going.
Over the years when I started blogging in 2012, I had acquired a number of followers who are haiku poets. I started writing haiku on my blog based on daily or weekly prompts or themes posted on the various blogs I follow. And then I realised that I had fallen in love with the three lined Japanese poetry form of seventeen syllables or less. The brevity, the simplicity, and its focus on nature or aspects of it appeased so much to me.
I must confess that I'm no expert and I've learned over the years to improve my skill.  I'm still a work in progress.
So, when I decided to publish, I compiled the best haiku on my blog, wrote   news ones based on the Afriku concept and sent them over to well known haiku experts I had come to know through blogging, for editing.  (I'll tell you in a bit about the Afriku).  Copies of the draft collection were also sent to three haiku experts in Ghana here for their critique and comments.
After the back and forth of editing, re-writing and more editing and -re-writing, the proof was ready for publication.
Now the Afriku, a termed coined  by my fellow Ghanaian haiku poet, Adjei    Agyei Baah, simply refers to haiku are haiku of African origin, focusing on   her rich images, rhythms, and unique settings peculiar to the culture and heritage of Africa. Afriku in its simplest forms, also capture thrilling  African moments in nature.
Where do you get the inspiration for your poems?
Straight away I will say I get my inspiration from God.  From the beauty He created all around us, nature and well, situations.
What would be the best thing a reviewer will say about your new release?
(Laughing) Ow, I'm sure a reviewer will say Haiku Rhapsodies is a collection of exquisite three-lined poems written from the heart; with a lyrical flair underlying the brevity that this collection of haiku has mastered
What’s your one sentence pitch for your book?
What else are you passionate about? And name one thing you are bad at doing?
I'm a passionate person by nature. I feel so strongly for anything that touches my heart. But I guess what is closest to my heart is to set up a shelter or home in the future for the sexually abused children in my country.
What am I bad at? (laughing) Let's just say I like to procrastinate. I don't fix schedules too when I'm writing. Even if I do I'm not able to stick to it.
I pray you achieve your dream for setting up the shelter. Our readers are interested in your favourite food & drink.
Ow Stella, I may have to disappoint our readers here because I developed diabetes only last year and I'm on a diet. A diet in Ghana can be a difficult thing, I tell you because the staple diet here and the way of living make the whole food thing monotonous, with no variety. So at the moment I have no favourite food. I eat what is appropriate for my condition.
As for drink, I take only water now. (laughing)
What’s the most embarrassing thing you have done?
(laughing) None readily comes to mind, seriously.
Share your favourite quote.
In explaining my passion for Haiku to my friends in Ghana where incidentally I'm the first to publish haiku in hard print, I often like to quote Roxi St Clair, a fine blogger and poet.
And I quote 'Poetry cannot be caged like a bird - it must unfold its wings and fly'





butter on toast
the taste of you
at breakfast
morning dew
on yellow buds
blooming dandelions
how long
to wait for your return
the mangoes bloom
the bight
in flames
freezing cold
the warm breath
of dying love

Haiku Rhapsodies is available on: eBook

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Celestine Nudanu's Haiku Collection is what I choose to call 'minimalist expressionism' with an African flavour. Not only does the poet in true haiku tradition express so much in cryptic, compact and concise language, but she also vests each piece with subliminal artistry. As the eyes navigate the pages, each poem tells its own story in micro seconds, lingering in the mind as it connects with the next poem. At the end of Haiku Rhapsodies, one is nourished by a corpus that evokes pleasure beyond the printed page.
I must emphasise that it is not easy to take a foreign art form, domesticate it and turn it around into a thing of beauty the way Celestine has done. 
For those who like to enjoy poetry with a dose of the exotic, and indeed for all who enjoy micro poetry, Haiku Rhapsodies is just the right tonic.

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Thank you for stopping by. Please share your comments, so Celestine knows you stopped by. It also gives me great pleasure to read your views.

You remain unforgettable,

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