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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

4 Reasons Why I Write Novels #WhyDoYouWrite #Authors #ASMSG #Indie

A book club on Facebook asked Authors last week, "Why Do You Write?"

My reply led me to blog about the reasons why I write Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels.

When I gave it a deep thought, several reasons occurred to me.

And here are the many reasons why I write:

1. I write because I have different themes I want to draw attention to in ways that also gives my twin passion (of romance & writing) an outlet.

Forbidden Dance and Seduced Hearts were written to push readers into giving great thought to marital problems, separation and divorce.

Forbidden Dance

Seduced Hearts

INDECENT was written to highlight how someone's upbringing can send them in a wrong path and the reality that people are often misjudged. The truth is only a person with abundant patience can help such a misguided woman or man start to love themselves and grow into someone adorable.


His Ring was written to draw attention to the fact that irrespective of our education, class or wealth, love is all that matters. In the end, what is important is whether both of you love each other enough to face and scale all the hurdles so you can be together.

His Ring

2. And I write because it is my calling, my God-given talent. Again, I derive a huge sense of fulfilment from seeing a blank white screen or page fill up with words.

3. I write because the voices of the characters in my head want me to pen down their conversations. Quite often I wake up with dialogues and storylines bouncing around my head.

4. More importantly, I derive profound pleasure from writing. It is who I am.

And when each Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel is sold, it gives me so much joy to know someone out there wants to read a story I have written and actually pays for it. Thank God.

Then when I get messages from readers about any of my books, characters, storylines or when I read a review, on Amazon or Smashwords, I just fall on my knees and thank God.

* * *

If you are an Author, you are welcome to share why you write.

And if you are a Reader, please share what you enjoy reading.

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