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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Otasowie Speaks #Teaser from #HusbandtoRent #Romance #ASMSG

Welcome to Juicy Teasers 

It occurred to me today that I have not shared teasers from one of my novels: Husband to Rent, a Multicultural Romance full of Sensual Moments.

I hope you enjoy meeting my Gambian hero, Fara Damba and the Nigerian woman, Otasowie Idah who held him emotionally captive during his short trip to her bustling town.

Husband to Rent
Genre: Contemporary/Multicultural Romance
Pages: 296
Word Count: 56,130
Price: 99c only


Smart and sassy, Otasowie has one thing on her mind she is afraid to share with any man. But when she meets the handsome hotelier from The Gambia, she is so intrigued and offers to help him search for his missing relative.

A short visit to Nigeria was all Fara had in mind when he left his thriving business in The Gambia to go in search of someone dear to his heart. The stunning woman who offers to take his mind off his worries has so much she refuses to share with him. Fascinated by her character and enchanted by her sexy ways, he forgets his plan to keep their dealings straight.

Out of nowhere, Otasowie makes an absurd request Fara finds hard to ignore. Helping her means compromising his values and deceiving the people who trust him. Is there any chance Otasowie’s wish will come true or will Fara grant her wish with another request?


Fara swirled the glass in his well-honed fingers, his eyes fixed on Mr. Biggs entry point. The ginger ale drink tasted flat because the fizzy drink lost its spark over an hour ago. An old man seated on his right side struggled to strip the chicken wings from the bone. In Fara’s head, he had been waiting for his date for eternity.

Again, the black suit clad door attendant bowed and smiled as he pulled the doorknob open for another stream of customers.

Fara’s eyes clashed with the door attendant’s several times in the past two hours. He flicked his leather wristwatch for the fifteenth time. He felt stupid sitting down in a busy eatery, waiting for a woman he met briefly in a foreign town.

What if she was a joker?

Fara could not recall her name and, he did not have an address. He wondered if his grandfather experienced a similar fate. After one final eye contact with his watch, Fara stood up to his full height.

He berated himself for been foolhardy. In the morning, he must hire a private investigator to do the job. It was pointless depending on a nameless woman who had no clue of the importance of his mission. Once he made the decision, Fara straightened his blue shirtsleeve cuffs, and reached inside his black jeans trouser back pocket.

But shock waves clawed at his hands and he reeled forward. ‘What the flip?’ he ranted.

‘I’m sorry I'm late,’ he heard her purr from behind. Her tingling voice was serene. To his irritation, her words sounded like a melodious composition in his ears.

She embraced him from behind and her supple arms stroked his abs. Too dazed, and aroused to shoo her off, his stomach muscles tensed.

The door attendant winked at him. The man’s interpretation was obvious.

‘You kept me waiting for hours,’ was all he could muster as his throat muscles clenched. Fara gulped in deep breaths, and raised up both hands.

‘Set me free. You’re making a show of us in public,’ he chided, as he fenced off more than four pairs of eyes.

Her left arm hung over his hips, while she cat walked in front of him. In her high heels, she reached his neck. She was a tall woman, he admitted as her classy perfume lingered between them.

Thankfully, she was not his type. As a rule, he preferred petite women. This woman was fearless and impetuous. Too flirty for his liking. For sure, his chosen woman would be slightly tame and submissive.

‘Where have you been?’ he demanded, after detangling her supple arms from his scorched hips.

A near sensual smile played around her full lips, almost causing havoc in his trousers, as a thin film of sweat broke out on his bunched chin.

‘I was held up at work. I had to sprint to be here.’

Fara chuckled. He gave her attire a glance over. She looked smashing in a turquoise blue, one shoulder body-hugging mini dress. Her legs, smooth as glass, stretched for miles.

His chest beeped at least twice, as the thought of what his hands could do with her legs rushed to his head.

What a distraction!

Why did I pick this woman?

‘You look great,’ he eventually complimented, when he remembered his manners. ‘Please sit down.’ He offered her the seat opposite his.

‘Thank you, Fara.’ He tried in vain to recall her name, but gave up after thirty seconds. ‘Are you saying you work until eleven sometimes?’ In truth, he asked out of inquisitiveness, rather than interest. At least, that was what he believed.

From her quizzical look, she didn’t miss the hint of frustration underlining his question.

‘Let me say, it’s not unusual.’

He noticed she avoided his questioning gaze.

What kind of stupid answer is that? He wondered.

He would not be surprised if she was having an affair with someone at work. Why else would such a sexy woman enjoy working late? Yes, she was a seductive woman, but he could handle her without getting charred.

Bitter saliva trickled down his throat. ‘Do you have spare dinner clothes in the office?’ his question came out more like a sneer.

A tolerant sigh escaped from her lips.

‘I get invited to dinner now and again. I like to be ready.’ One well-lined eyebrow flashed up at him as if urging him to spill his condemnation.

She was forthright.

‘Is going on dinner dates from work routine? What kind of job is that?’ Disapproval reeked in his tone but it was not intentional.

She glared at him.

After a couple of minutes, he asked instead, ‘What should I order for you? Can I assume you are starving?’

Her cheeky smile was back in place, almost making him grin.

‘I’m very hungry. It has been a long time since lunch. I have nibbled all evening.’ As she tapped the table with her thumb, her clear golden eyes haunted him.

Is there a chance her glossy lips - spotting a teasing hint of pink colour in the inner part – will plant a surprise kiss on his mouth tonight?

His chest heaved with a small dose of excitement.

‘Why didn’t you have dinner?’ he posed stiffly, deliberately looking away.

‘I was too busy to bother. Fried rice and chicken will be perfect, please. And a large drink will be appreciated.’ A cute smile accompanied her words.

As he walked to the serving counter, he shook away her seductive pull.

He queued patiently because there was a long line of hungry customers. Meanwhile, his head warned him not to entrust a major project to someone who had no regard for punctuality.

The smiling face of the female server behind the glass counter brought him back to reality.

He will do well to tune his energy to search for his grandfather, rather than worry about an adult female who got wet in the rain, had no respect for appointment, and refused to eat dinner on time.

‘What do you want to order?’ the female voice filtered into his brain.

‘I’m sorry, my mind was elsewhere,’ Fara apologized.

‘Never mind. Tell me, what does Mr. Handsome wants to be served?’ Her flirty smile and attitude was not lost on him, but he feigned ignorance.
Fara wondered for the hundredth time if all Nigerian women were friendly and inviting. No wonder his ancestor stood no chance. He felt trapped already, after only less than twenty-four hours in this bustling country.
Husband to Rent is available on all Amazon sites, Okada Books & Smashwords:  
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