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Thursday, 18 August 2016

#BookShowcase: INDECENT ~ So Seductive #Excerpt #IR #ASMSG

Welcome to Book Showcase! 

I thought it was about time I shared an excerpt from my current published Novel: INDECENT ~ So Seductive, an Interracial Romance packed full with seduction.

Readers have said they enjoyed meeting Elna and Tonye in this sensational story that begins in Barcelona Airport all the way to Beverly Hills in California. Their road to seduction is so rough, Tonye and Elna will give you your money's worth.

Is it possible to want nothing and then want everything?

Sultry beauty, Elna Cardona has a definite reason she is at Barcelona El Prat Airport. Although there are things about her life she is not proud of, at least she does not have to

worry about being restrained by the demands of a serious relationship. When a tall, dark-skinned man with piercing eyes accosts her on the flight to California, her chest pounds and she wets her thongs.

Accomplished restaurant franchise owner, Tonye Briggs has other things on his mind when he boards the flight from Spain to Los Angeles. When a woman with golden hair and blue eyes slips into a fish-net swimsuit during the flight, he thrusts his urgent workload aside and tracks her down. Only, he does not consider the rough road to seduction.

Will the tiny spark in Elna and Tonye’s eyes burst into flames or will their passion die out before they touch down in Beverly Hills?


Tonye wiped his sleeve across his forehead as he broke out in sweat. His heartbeat picked up speed as fear engulfed him. Deciding to go in search of Elna at the first place that occurred to him, he walked into his bedroom to change out of his clothes.

And, he stopped short!

Tonye exhaled as he shut his eyes.

Elna was sprawled across his bed wearing only tomato-red lace panties and bra. She appeared to be fast asleep. Her exposed lower back spotted an attractive tattoo. His sluggish feet moved forward and he sneaked a look at her tattoo. A bow and an arrow image extended from her lower back to the top of her round bottom.

He felt like a peeping Tom in his own bedroom. Try as he did, he could not stop ogling her butt cheeks. Her round, sun-kissed bottom glowed, inviting his touch. Elna was wanton, nutty and naughty.

Relief at seeing her warred with his desire. At last, reason kicked in and he flung his walk-in closet doors open.

Filling his arms with the clothes and underwear he needed for the next couple of days, he breathed in and out as he stole glances at her near naked body. Attractive. Sexy. Inviting.

Although he did not welcome her intrusion into his bedroom, waking her up and asking her to leave was out of the question. No woman had access to his room, not even his fiancée, Ebitimi.

As he took one long, last look at her spread-eagled form, his bathroom door opened. And a man, about Elna’s height, fair-skinned but obviously black with dark eyes strolled out of his en-suite bathroom wearing only boxer shorts. His dark hair was long and wet from taking a shower.

Clothes fell out of Tonye’s arms and he rushed forward and took a big swipe at the man’s jaw. The man fell backwards into the bathroom. The loud thud must have startled Elna as she jumped out of his bed. For a sleeping woman, she appeared very agile.

“Hey, do you want to kill him?”

“Will you shut up and get him out of my bedroom and my home before I have him arrested.”

The guy scrambled to his feet with awkward movements, one hand on his jaw. “What monster are you living with, Sally?”

Tonye looked from the blabbing man to Elna. “Sally? Who’s Sally?” asked Tonye, shaking his head.

“She’s Sally and she invited me here for the night. And all I get is a blow to my jaw. What for?” asked the strange man with flared nostrils. And Tonye landed another punch on the man’s face.

Before Tonye could raise his angry fist one more time, the man grabbed his scattered clothes and dashed out of the front door.

Meanwhile, Elna paced behind him, covered up in his dressing gown. One glimpse at her quivering lips and he was tempted to pull out her teeth.

“Pull that wilful stunt one more time, and you’ll be sorry you ever met me,” he threatened, shaking his painful right fist in her face.

Tonye charged back up to his bedroom. While there, he bent down, picked up his handful of clothes and marched out of the room to the guest room farthest from his bedroom.

Infuriation did not begin to describe how he felt. “I know what you want from me, Elna,” he grated out across the corridor. “You want me to kick you out to the streets where you belong. Brainless woman! How could you disrespect me in this way? You invite a man you don’t know into my home and into my bedroom under a false name?”

“I’m sorry. But you have made it clear you don’t want to have sex with me, Tonye. And I want to have sex. It’s simple, really.”

“Go and have sex with yourself!” he thundered as he slammed the door to the guest room.

When he had calmed down, a sneaky grin slit his lips at the tongue-in-cheek thought in his head. Elna did exactly what he had done. He brought a strange woman into his own home and she invited a strange man into his bedroom, except she had no right to extend such liberties to a third person. At the idea that he was jealous she picked a good-looking dark man, he huffed.

“That’s insane! I don’t even want her,” he muttered to himself.

After what happened to his stepsister, he vowed to save any woman he found selling herself for money. None of the women he’d helped treated him with contempt. The few he’d assisted so far were only too willing to start a new life.
Husband to Rent is available on all Amazon sites, Okada Books & Smashwords:  
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