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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

7 Tips on How to Write Blurbs #Writingtips #Publishing #ASMSG

Welcome to Writing Tips

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Today, I have crawled out of my writing cave to share my experience of writing blurbs with upcoming writers.

I'm not an expert but I have picked up a few tips from other authors and I have seen my book sales drop or increase with the different versions of blurb I write.

For sure, sharp and punchy blurbs along with catchy book covers catch readers’ attention.

In a nutshell, here are 7 tips to keep in mind when writing blurbs:

1. It is important to add personality to the character’s names in a blurb to make them 'real' to the reader (such as the jobs they do, the skills they have, or the hobbies they enjoy. Whether they are beautiful or handsome, name any remarkable feature such as dreamy blue eyes, curvy etc.)

2. Avoid writing long blurbs.

Most readers don’t have the patience and time to read lengthy blurbs with millions of books to look through. 

Author Chicki Brown once told me it is good practice to keep the length to not more than 200 words. I agree with her. And as a reader, I find that I lose interest in reading blurbs when they are too long.

3. Break up the blurb into paragraphs to make it easier to read.

4. Don’t give away the entire plot in a blurb.

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Readers think they have read the whole book, so there is no need to buy.

With the 14 romance novels I have published, I have had to revise blurbs a few times and it often translates to additional sales.

5. The surprise element.

Leave readers guessing with insinuations. Add what they need to know (to capture their interest) and then drop hints. Don't give readers reasons not to buy.

6. Sentence length variation is a great idea.

7. Character names are vital.
Keep it in mind. Just my two cents opinion. I buy books with names I can clearly see in my mind as a female name or male name. I don’t know if other readers do the same.

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Please share your comments as a reader or an author. I would love to read about your experience.
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