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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Would You Marry an Erotic Dancer? #Malestripper

                        Welcome to Advice Bench!

I just finished watching Dinner Date, one of my favourite TV programs.
In Dinner Dates, a single woman (or man) looking for love picks out three out of five men (or women) based on the menu she (or he) most likes the look of. And she (or he) goes on a blind date with the three men (or women). Afterwards, she chooses one man to go on a second date with. 
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In this episode, the single man looking for love was an erotic dancer or to be more specific, a male stripper. He was tall, dark, and handsome with a great body many women would usually swoon over. 

During each blind date, he was asked about what he did, career wise and he said
he was an erotic dancer. Lol! You should have seen the women's faces. Their jaws plopped open, their eyes widened with shock, not interest and they said, you must be joking.

In a nut shell, none of the three women (two black and one white) were interested in dating him the minute the blind date was over. 

The man grumbled about how the women didn't think they could take him home to see their parents. None of the women were willing to give him a second chance even though he looked like he had a good heart. They clearly could not see past his career.

My Questions To You Are:

How important is the career choice of the man you plan to spend the rest of your life with or the man your daughter/granddaughter want to marry?

1. Would you date and marry an erotic dancer?

2. Or if you are married, would you have dated and married an erotic dancer?

3. Again, would you give your blessing to your daughter if she brought home a male stripper as her fiancé? 

If you answered NO to the questions, please give reasons.

I have refrained from giving my opinion on this one. Ask me if you want to know what I think. For now, please share your thoughts, I'm very interested.

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