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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Will You Kiss and Tell? #Dating #Marriage #Suits

Welcome to Advice Bench!

In the past couple of weeks, I have been watching the smashing USA Network legal drama movie on Netflix, titled SUITS.
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Rachel and Mike work in the same law firm and Logan is one of the firm's client.

Rachel and Mike are now in a loving relationship and they live together. Just so you know, I love both of them, while Logan is Rachel's ex.

When Rachel was involved with Logan, he was married and she told Mike about her  previous involvement with Logan. Mike made it clear that as long as her past affair with Logan did not affect their current relationship, he was fine with it.

In one episode, Logan and Rachel worked closely and he flirted with her. So Rachel decided to go over to Logan's condo to tell him to stay away from her. During the visit, Rachel passionately kissed her ex-boyfriend, Logan. It was a mistake and she was devastated.

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I was so cross at her stupidity, I could have whacked Rachel's silly butt. But the deed was done. 

Rachel confessed her thirty-second slip into infidelity lane to her friend and co-worker, Donna, who advised Rachel not to confess to her boyfriend, Mike.

I was shocked at Donna's counsel. According to Donna, Mike was not in a good place to receive such bad news because he had just lost his job.

Of course by the time Rachel blurted out her dirty slip a week later, Mike was livid. He went over to Logan's and beat him up and they ended up in a fight. Afterwards, Mike left their apartment and stayed in a hotel. He could not bear to be in the same space as Rachel.

So it got me thinking about everyone in a relationship: dating or married.


1. If a female friend or family member came to you with the same problem as Rachel, would you advise her to confess to her boyfriend or husband that she kissed another man? Remember, not any other man, her ex-boyfriend. 

2. Have you kissed and confessed? If yes, how did your boyfriend or husband handle it?

You know I love posting controversial topics and I enjoy reading from you.
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