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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Behind the #Writing of Red Velvet Rose #Interview #ASMSG

Welcome to Inside Scoop!

On Inside Scoop, an author answers only 5 questions to give you insight as to why the story was written.

Today, I want to share the reasons for publishing my New Release - Red Velvet Rose.
As usual, you can also ask any other question about the characters and story.

Book Title: Red Velvet Rose ~ A Valentine Romance
Genre: Contemporary/Interracial

Release Date: February 8th 2016

No of Pages: 244 pages

Word Count: 50,010

Price: 99c only

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Stella, please share with us what inspired you to write Red Velvet Rose?

Red Velvet Rose was written to satisfy readers demand for a follow up story on my secondary character - Zane Abdul - who featured in my previous steamy novella, Forbidden Dance. Zane was a hit with readers. He left readers demanding his story.

In Red Velvet Rose, Zane's heart had been ripped to shreds. So he decided to expand his car sales business from Morocco to Boston. Then, he met Gabriella, a woman way out of his league. But as Valentine day approached, he wondered if it was the right season to let another woman into his heart. Gabriella is chic, intelligent, adventurous and has a quirky sense of humour Zane finds irresistible.

Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels Readers on Facebook inspired the writing  of this story by suggesting my heroine's description and place of origin - Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.
How easy was it to write a Valentine Story?

It was pretty difficult. For the first time, I experienced Writer's Block. As at January 8th, I had not written one word and the story was due for release before Valentine's Day. I felt under a lot of pressure. So I posted my hero's photo on Facebook and I confessed to my fans I was struggling to write his beautiful story.

Zane Abdul - Red Velvet Rose
I was amazed at the responses I received from my readers.

When a male reader posted his choice photo of my heroine and another reader named my heroine, my brain was prompted to create a story. Suddenly, Zane and Gabriella would not allow me sleep. At times, I wrote down highlights for each chapter, but to my shock, these two characters did exactly what they wanted. Before long, their story was completed. And I was so relieved. Thank God.

Stella, which of the characters in Red Velvet Rose do you like most and why?

By now, you must know I'm in love with my hero, Zane Abdul. That has not changed. Although his personality in this story was slightly different from how he expressed himself in Forbidden Dance, I still fancy him a great deal. Faced with a completely different situation and a quietly sensual woman, he came out as my favourite hero of all time.

Zane is of Moroccan descent, he is charming and 'ruthless' in Red Velvet Rose but still very passionate and protective of the woman he wants. He is still the man after my heart.

Does any part of you or your experience feature in Red Velvet Rose?

Ha! All my books have a bit of me or my experience. And  this story is no different. Just as Zane felt as if Gabriella was way out of his rank, so my husband felt I was way out of his league when we first met.

But if two people fancy each other, they would move every mountain to be with each other. By the grace of God, my husband did not relent until he made me his wife.

Now Zane faces challenges from his heart and from Gabriella's family. I wonder if they would overcome their issues.

Finally, what do you hope readers will get out of reading Red Velvet Rose?

 After reading Red Velvet Rose, readers will note the following; 
1. For single people, although family is important, they must choose their own partners for a lifetime of happiness.

2. Even though hearts break, there is a special person who will come your way, heal your pain and tell you, you're the best thing to happen in their life.

3. You have to create the perfect world you want with the special person in your life.

Thank you for going behind the scenes with us. Please share one quote from Red Velvet Rose with our readers.

“You’re the woman I never expected to fall for. And I fell for you pretty fast and hard. I know we haven’t been together for very long, but my heart pounds for you. And my body longs for you. My life is empty without you.” ~ by Zane Abdul.

I would like to express my gratitude to my Book Cover & Banner Designer, Maria Lazarou. You are the best. I love working with you.

Thank you for stopping by. Please share your comments. It gives me great pleasure to read your views.

You remain unforgettable.

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