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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

How to Avoid the Forbidden Man or Woman #Adultery #Marriage

Welcome to Advice Bench! 

In the previous post on Are You a Forbidden Woman or Man, I promised to blog about how to avoid the pitfall of The Straying Eyes Syndrome.

"For the lips of the adulterous woman (Forbidden woman) drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil;" Prov 5:3. 
How to Avoid the Forbidden Woman or Man
In your marriage, to avoid a woman who is not your wife or a man who is not your husband, you need Wisdom (Good judgment or sensible thinking).
The only weapon that can save you from the adulterous woman or man is wisdom. Because the lips of a forbidden woman is so sweet, she can make you lose your morals. So, married men and women, be wise. If you lack wisdom, ask God.

I have listed 7 wise decisions you can follow. Chose these WISE acts for your own good;

1. Be Content
A wise man or woman must be content with their husband or wife at home. Remember, you are ONE with your husband or wife. If you hurt your husband or wife, you hurt yourself.

If you are married, stop coveting (strong desire to own another's possessions) another woman or man.

Lack of contentment leads to covetousness. Once you wish to have a woman you are not married to, you plot how to tempt and sleep with her. Your neighbour or friend's wife or husband is not yours. 
2. Treasure Your Gift
Your husband or wife is a gift to your life. When you love something or someone, you treasure them.

Whether you know it or not, your husband or wife is precious. If not to you, they are precious to God who is their Maker.

Look after your gift. Praise your gift. Speak great words about your husband or wife. Let your lips drip sweetness like the honeycomb. Anyone who is praised feels good.

Thank your husband or wife when they do for ANYTHING for you.
3. Keep Your Heart

Every man or woman can be tempted. You are not an exception. I'm not.

Don't secretly think or plan how to make or keep an appointment with a woman or man who is not yours. That is how the slide to Temptation Street starts.

If you know in your heart you fancy a man or woman who you are not married to, DO NOT go on a date with them alone. It is called wisdom or common sense.
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When a beautiful woman walks past you, stare briefly and take your eyes away in a hurry. If your thoughts begin to stray to her breasts or backside, it is time to do the following;

Brush off the wayward thoughts. Think about your husband or wife. Tell yourself she may be a witch or an evil woman. I tell myself he may be a serial killer disguised as a charming man. Every adulterous thought will jump right out of your mind the minute you say something sinister about the forbidden woman or man.
4. Don't be over confident

Don't trust yourself not to be tempted. When your flesh deceives you into believing you are above temptation, then you get careless. You then place yourself in a compromising situation and before you can spell, ADULTERY, you are trapped.

Don't have  private 'business lunch', drinks in a Pub or attend an event with a woman who is not your wife or a man who is not your husband. If you are wise, you will heed this advice.

It is an innocent date that sometimes end up with you having an affair. If you must go on a date, make sure you are not alone. Be in the company of others.

My question is, why go on dates with others when your wife or husband is at home or at work? Find creative ways to get a date with your partner. You can meet halfway home if both of you are really busy.

Remember, where there is a will, there is a way.

5. Get Drunk

Yes, get drunk by the embrace of your wife or husband. That is the only  approved drunken act I support you to engage in. Get intoxicated by your wife's breasts.

Only have sex with your own wife or husband to preserve your marriage, health and life. Help him or her to love you by speaking up and sharing what you enjoy in bed.

Do not let another woman or man look after your wife or husband. If you shirk your responsibilities, you will REGRET it.

So, go ahead and rejoice in the wife of your youth always.
6. Be Open
To save myself from any awkward moment in the future, I discuss every text, message (from Facebook or Twitter)  or phone call I receive from any man with my husband. I have no secrets where my husband is concerned.

Once you share any funny messages, silly phone calls with your husband or wife, they will advice you or  give you ideas on how to handle it. If your husband or wife frowns against such messages, you will do well to listen and stay away from the sender.
When Sarah asked Abraham to send away Hagar and her son, Ishmael (Abraham's son by the slave woman), Abraham was very sad. But God visited Abraham and asked him to listen to what his wife, Sarah told him. Gen. 21: 8-21.
7. Buy Gifts

Buy your wife or husband lovely fragrances so their scent draws you to their sides.

Save, if you have to, in order to buy gifts from time to time.

It shows love and generosity. The gift does not have to be expensive. Put some thought into it and you will be glad you did.

Married men, if you buy gifts for your children, it will please your wife. You in turn will get praised and loved more.

Finally, do not be persuaded by the lips of a seductive woman or charming man. They will only lead you astray. 

So pray for the grace to remain faithful, no matter your situation.

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