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Friday, 6 November 2015

Forbidden Dance: Character Interview #Interracial #BWWM #Romance

Welcome to Character Interview
I'm so happy to feature one of my favourite characters from one of my books on our Character Interview hot seat today. 
Zane Abdul, the handsome and protective secondary male character in Forbidden Dance is my guest this week.
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Going straight to the interview, Zane has a lot to share with you. 

Please tell us your name, how old you are and share how your girlfriend would describe your looks to our readers.

Hello Readers, I'm Zane Abdul. I’m thirty-three years old. I’m from the North African country of Morocco - a great place to live in and a popular tourist destination.
My girlfriend would describe me as a man with light brown eyes, olive skin, a take-me-to-bed smile, handsome physique and attractive lips. She says I'm a man who looks after himself.
Share a bit about what you do and what makes you tick.

I own a few car sales outlets in Morocco. But I manage the sales outlet in Casablanca. My passion is fast cars. So apart from driving fast cars, I buy and sell cars for a living.
Zane's Silver Lexus

What makes me tick? Being with a woman who grabs and keeps my attention. I would protect her with everything in me.
Exciting. Zane, is there any chance you fancy any woman at the moment? If you do, describe her to our readers.

Only recently, I caught the eye of a totally gorgeous woman with golden brown skin, an
Zane and Alero
alluring look I found hard to resist and a sexy smile as she drove in a red Ford convertible mustang along Oxford Street in London. The attraction was spontaneous. It was a real joy to cross path with her a second time in her own home in Casablanca. If that is not fate, I wonder what is. I'm smitten. I'm going to win her heart even if I have to walk on the moon.
You did not tell us the name of this sexy woman, Zane. Was there anything remarkable about  her?

How did I miss mentioning her name? Alero Thomson is her name. She recently moved from London to settle in Casablanca. There was something remarkable about her words and tone. When I teased her, she said, "I'm running away from one man, I'm not in a hurry to find another". Her tone was so sad, I knew she had to be mine to protect and to love.
Everyone loves a happy-ever-after ending. Do you think there is any chance wedding bells will ring anytime soon?

We've been on a few dates. The more I know about Alero, the more I love her. We had
Sexy Alero Thomson
a sexy dance on my bed. 
At this point, she is just setting up a beauty salon and I'm helping her recruit local people.

Do I see her in my future? The answer is a big yes. I can already imagine taking her home to meet my parents at some point. But she is still a bit guarded, so I'm going at her pace. If I ever set eyes on the idiot who broke her heart, he would be sorry.
No one is perfect. So what do you find annoying about the attractive Alero Thomson?

She does not take me seriously. We all experience heart break at some point, but we get over it. I wish Alero would let me more into her heart. Also, she is overly sensitive. No worries, I have the remedy for her shortcomings.

I wish you the best Zane. Finally, what is the most embarrassing moment of your life?

Thank you, Stella for creating the story. I need your good wishes. My dream is to find the perfect woman I want to walk down the aisle with pretty soon.

My most embarrassing moment so far would be when  I spilled coffee all  over my trousers in a busy restaurant.
Don't leave without sharing a quote with us, Zane.
"Alero, I want to hold you in my arms and dance with you on my bed.” by Zane Abdul.

Title: Forbidden Dance
A steamy hot novella
Author: Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku
Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial
ISBN: 978- 1508955191 (Paperback) 

Release Date: Wednesday 15th July 2015
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