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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Do You #Flirt With Your Husband? #Romance

Quite often we are too busy to fan the love flames that got our heart fluttering and our fingers tingling before we tied the knot.

Very slowly, the once crackling fire looses heat and a few years down the road, we have only a trace of fire or ashes left as evidence of love.

Flirt! Flirt! Flirt!

If you have forgotten or you don't know how to flirt, learn how to with your husband or partner.

Flirting is exciting, stimulating, refreshes and sparks the flame in your relationship.

Here are a few flirty tips to practice

Snap his picture and explain that you wanted proof that you saw the hottest guy in (insert your city here).

Use the tip of your tongue to lick your drink or espresso foam from your lip.

Grin and hold his gaze for three seconds. Then bite the corner of your lip and look


Walk past him, then slowly swivel your head halfway toward him, rest your chin on your shoulder and smile.

As your husband brushes by you, stop him in his tracks by saying, "Wow, you smell great."

Say that you're trying out a new perfume, then hold out your wrist or expose your neck and ask his opinion.

Straighten his collar or smooth out his shirt sleeve.

There are dozens more flirty moves listed at

Don't discard the tips. Try and try again.

Flirty & Feisty Romance wishes you a flirty relationship with roaring hot love flames.

Thank you for reading. What do you think? Please leave comments.


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