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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Does His Height Bother You?

Yes, every woman's spoken and hidden desire is to meet and marry a man liberally endowed with height. A tall man is the ladies first pick anytime. Ask any woman.

Stop! Think about the millions of men with average height or those not so gifted with height. Should they remain partnerless?

Is a tall man more loving, caring or romantic than a short one? Will a taller man remain more faithful, supporting you all the way? Will he be there when you're old and grey?

There are no guarantees that choosing a boyfriend, or life partner purely on his height, or looks will give you peace of mind, as you muffle through life's changing scenes hand-in-hand.

The harsh reality is that the world is full of tall and handsome men. If your choice of
a husband is based more on his height, what happens when you meet taller and more gorgeous blokes? Will you abandon your initial pick?

A friend told me once that a man was hot on her heels. I told her to go for him and see what happens. Her face twisted in disappointment as her head fell forward. After a while, she confessed self consciously, 'He's too short!' Her tone was filled with regret.

Interestingly, they got married many months later. Ten years on, she's still married to her short husband who she loves, and who loves her to bits.

There are many attributes, character and personality traits to look out for when searching for the right man. A man's height doesn't appear on the list for me. I married a tall man, yes, but it was pure coincidence and God's doing. I didn't go in search of a man with height. My husband's height is a bonus!

Search for a man with a heart and let him rock your world. You need God's help, so ask!

It would be great to read your views.

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