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Pick Any Flirty & Feisty Romance Book

Pick Any Flirty & Feisty Romance Book
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Saturday, 29 December 2012


This must be my favourite Christmas of all time. I have seen forty Christmas in my young life! The high of this season was the hype of what gifts I'll receive from my
family, friends and colleagues. My husband dropped hints of what gifts he wanted for Christmas. My son drew up a short list of his must haves. And my daughter mentioned the fact that specific gifts must 'appear' for her this Christmas.

Every magazine, newspaper and TV advert shocked me with an endless list of the perfect gift for my loved ones. As I commuted daily, the exterior and interior of London buses were glamorous commercial bill boards advertising perfumes, shoes, jewelry and the latest block buster movies. As I journeyed underground, the tube station walls and ceilings were all glossy wrapped with the finest watches, movies and thankfully, kindle books!

I drew a deep breath as I walked into the office. To my shock, my colleagues insisted
I play 'secret santa'. I got sucked into picking names from a hat. I  picked two names. My task was to buy gifts for two colleagues. Surprisingly, I swiftly caught the 'secret santa' bug. My head rocked with thoughts about the ideal gifts for my colleagues. Excitement quickly built up as I dreamt about a list of what I'll love to receive this Xmas.

On a cold and drizzling day, I walked for hours choosing and setting aside gifts on my list. I felt truly stressed! I agonized about how my working days were long and the weekends so short.

In my sixteen years career, this Christmas season is the first I have worked. I imagined a time when I'll have enough money in my bank account to buy the perfect gift for everyone my heart mentions. I smiled!

Days later, when I saw my colleague's face brighten up with joy as she received an autographed copy of Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels second title - STORMY DEFENSE, I knew her dream had come true.

On Christmas eve, my kids were up till midnight. My son asked, 'Mum, where are the gifts?' There are no wrapped gifts beneath the Xmas tree.'

I haven't wrapped them.' I replied. I only just got back from work, my brain yelled.
'Okay, am off to bed. Please wrap my gifts and place them here,' he insisted, pointing to the tree. 'Mum, you can hide gifts around the house too, so we can have fun searching...' my daughter added as they went off to bed.

My weary bones were screaming for rest. But there were gifts to be wrapped and turkey in the oven! To make our Xmas wishes come true, I dragged my tired legs up the stairs and spent the next two hours wrapping and hiding gifts as instructed.

On Christmas day, it was wonderful hearing my kids screaming in surprise as they raced around, stripping the house to find the wrapped gifts. My husband's expression was priceless as he looked into his bag of surprise. And when I received and unwrapped all my gifts - from family, friends and colleagues, settled down to a hearty feast with my family and watched JB and Fabrice jiggle their dancing shoes on Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special, I had the biggest smile ever!

Thank God for another Christmas!

I hope you had a great Christmas too? I wish you a prosperous New Year ahead.

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