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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Will You Marry an Imperfect Partner?

When you first met your partner I bet you saw the stars in her eyes and she thought your habits were agreeable to her taste.

After a year in marriage, you begin to shuffle through each other's ways. Suddenly, his habit of littering the kitchen floor with his dirty clothes as he walks in through the front door becomes a nagging point. When she used to stretch out on the sofa waiting for you to give her your brand of massage, you thought she was the best thing to have happened to you since you were kicked out by your last lover. Today you term her laid back attitude as gross laziness! After one year you're struggling to stomach her annoying attitude. You also wish she'll take time off from tidying the house sometimes, take a shower and look pretty inviting just for you! You've told her several times she needs to make you a hot meal if she's the first to get in from work.

In her own corner of the marriage, your wife wishes you'll find time to give her that signature massage of yours that attracted her to you. She also wishes you'll do more to keep the home nice and tidy. She can't stick your bossy and high handed attitude.

Annoying habits pile up on both sides.

Her moody looks snags her colleague's undivided attention at work. She starts to confide in him. You start to feel her drifting away from you. And so you turn to that ex-girlfriend that had always lurked around hoping your marriage falls apart.

Before you know it you start keeping late nights. Both of you feel more comfortable with people who 'demands' nothing from you. Oh but you've forgottten this was the exact scenario you both found so perfect when you started falling in love.

This trend happens all the time in marriages. Husbands and wives beware!!!

I can't stress this tactic enough. Talk, talk and speak to your partner about every and anything. That's the way you'll get to live and be comfortable with each other for life. Make your husband or wife the first chat stop. If you're happy, excited, bothered or sad with your partner or anyone else chat about it. And be open to receive the praise, the bile or the outburst from your life partner. One thing will be guaranteed, you'll not have a boring marriage.

Go and tell your partner how you feel. Make it a habit to speak or to enjoy the companionable silence. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Cultivate your marriage and enjoy each other.

God help you.

Flirty & Feisty intensely emotional romance you'll never forget!