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Monday, 19 July 2010

Why would a man cheat? #Infidelity #Affair

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On today's run, women want to know why a man would cheat on his wife?

This  is the million pound question every woman wants to find out.

I wish I could just wave a wand and every man would rush to my blog to leave one or two reasons why he (or his pal) would cheat on his wife - a woman he claims to love or care about.

Since that isn't the case, I guess I would rely on my experience and that of other women, and hope that the male folk will leave useful comments.

1. 'My wife isn't attractive or sexy anymore' is a common complaint. She wears sackcloths or paperbags now, rather than the clinging or skimpy clothes that caught my eye when I first met her.

2. 'She cares more about the kids'. So, he hops off to the girl next door, in the office, down the road, at the restaurant etc. ,who's been giving him the attention he desires.

3. 'My wife is always tired, when it comes to sex'. Excuses galore on a daily basis. It's either she has a headache, or she is too tired or already asleep.

4. 'She nags me to death!'
 Nag, nag nag...non-stop. So I head off with my mates to have a cool beer and spend time chatting happily till my wife is asleep.

5. 'She is not submissive, stubborn & never listens'. I've given up. I now do what I like.

True or False?

I want to read your thoughts. Do you agree with the reasons?

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