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Pick Any Flirty & Feisty Romance Book
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Friday, 7 June 2019

#BookReview ~ Allegro Court by Brenda Margriet #Romance

Author Brenda Margriet reached out to me via email requesting a review of her new release, Allegro Court. I obliged her in a heartbeat.

So, I'm going to share my thoughts with you below. 

Congratulations Brenda on your new release!

Available on Amazon


Marcus Temple escaped his despised birthplace, driven by his passion for music. Now a sophisticated, world-class cellist, he must return when his mother suffers a severe stroke. Going back also means dealing with the woman whose heart he broke when he left—Mattie Bendixon.

More comfortable in overalls than orchestra seats, Mattie's childhood dreams were simple—working for her grandfather's construction company and building a life with Marcus. His ambitions forced her to abandon one goal, and now her beloved company is also under threat.

Mattie thinks she sees a way to save Bendixon and Sons—if she can convince Marcus to stay in his hated hometown for one month. All she has to risk is her heart.

Book Title: Allegro Court
Author: Brenda Margriet
Word Count: 74,000


I have posted my review and rating of Allegro Court on Goodreads and Amazon.

Brenda also wanted me to share my experience on my blog too. So here you go.

My Review Title: A Second Chance Romance

Mattie Bendixon starts off resenting her childhood friend and crush, Marcus Temple who left their small town to pursue his dream.

After a slow start, things evolve between professional cellist, Marcus and construction worker, Mattie. When they were together, their banter and chemistry was good. However, I felt my emotional connection with Mattie and Marcus could have deepened if they had spent more time together than apart.

In fact, I felt as if I knew more about the secondary characters, Jason (Mattie's grandfather) and Lorraine's (Marcus's mum) love story.

There were times I wanted to hit Marcus on the head because of his 'distant' attitude toward Mattie. He had lots of hang-ups about his childhood that he eventually sorted out with his mum.

But in the end, Marcus and Mattie got their happy-ever-after despite both of them taking their precious time to accept they could not live without each other. 

I wish there was more to read about Marcus and Mattie after they ended up together.

Overall, it was a nice second chance romantic tale. Two couples got their happy endings.

My Rating:

I give 4 fruit bouquet to Allegro Court by Brenda Margriet - For a nice story with gentle emotional connection. I wish there was a deeper connection with the characters.

4 fruit bouquet

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And, you can also find an excerpt on her website. 

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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

5 Key Structure of #Writing #Romance #Novel - #Writingtips

Dear Aspiring Authors & Writers,

Welcome to Writing Tips!

After watching one of the latest episodes of the TV Series, Jane The Virgin, I decided to write this post. Jane, a romance writer on the series stated these tips clearly. 

Although I have used the same tips when writing my novels, I could not have put it so simply and succinctly.


#Tip 1: Drive.
What drives the main characters in your story? And what drives every other character? 

Putting it another way, ask yourself, what is something the character(s) desperately wants? 

My thoughts: It maybe something he or she knows, is almost impossible to get. 

This is the basic question that pushes your story from start to finish.

For example, in my current romance novels, Hooked by one Curvy Girl - Book 1 & 2Amara, the heroine wants something desperately. She does not voice it to anyone, but keeps it locked in her heart. What she wants drives her to adopt a certain lifestyle many envy and others deride. Even the gossip magazines slay her character and way of life.

Hooked by one Curvy Girl Book 1
Hooked by one Curvy Girl Book 2 

Author: Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

Genre: Contemporary/Interracial/BWWM/BBW Romance
Release Date: Monday 29th April 2019
Available in ebook and Paperback formats

Tip #2: Obstacle.
What problem stops the characters from getting what they want? 

What problem stops the hero and heroine from staying together?
Courtesy of Helen Willsher via Google.com

In my current release, Hooked by one Curvy Girl, there is an incident that happened in Amara's life that created the problem eating her up. The huge obstacle leads her to believe she is in a 'hopeless' situation.

This big-sized issue makes, Amara relatable to readers. They can sympathize or empathize with her because it is a problem readers have encountered and understand. 

Tip #3: Complication.
Your characters have to be hit by a massive complication they have to overcome to get what they really want.

In every romance novel, the couple wants a happy-ever-after, right? Yes, and so do the readers.

So, what complication pulls the hero and heroine apart?

Amara in Hooked by one Curvy Girl has paper proof (evidence) she can't get what she truly wants. So she settles for a lifestyle she hopes will make-up for the 'loss'. That's until she meets the sexy and mysterious hero, Bradley who slams into her life and changes everything. But complications arise as a result of the obstacle and they are thrown apart.

Tip #4: Resolution.
At the resolution stage of your book, the characters are finally getting what they want after overcoming the obstacle and complication(s).

My Opinion: This is what keeps the reader turning the pages, wanting to find out how the characters they have come to care about get want they so desperately wants. 

My Advice: Make sure your lead characters (hero & heroine) actually spend a lot of time together. This is where the connection starts and builds up as well as the chemistry. 

I read a novel once where the lead characters spent more time apart than together. It creates an emotional disconnect for readers because they cannot see their relationship grow.

The resolution stage is what I call the climax! Make sure you write it with some flair and drama. I prefer for my romance story to read as if it is an action movie. 

Imagine you want something for so long and so hard, getting it should not be a straightforward thing. 

Honestly, it should make the reader catch their breath. 

In Hooked by one Curvy Girl, the overwhelming complication, Amara and Bradley faces will break your heart and when it is resolved, it will make your heart pound.

Tip #5 Cliffhanger.
Jane says, end the story with an ending no one saw coming.
My Opinion: However, I can tell you for free that cliffhangers are not readers favourite endings to stories they have invested their money and time to buy and read. 

My Advice: Whatever you do, do not end a standalone story abruptly, except it is a series. 

For series, write an ending no one saw coming. A cliffhanger is the way to go. But make sure the sequel doesn't take forever to write. Readers hate waiting to read the happy-ever-after ending.

For Hooked by one Curvy Girl, I released Book 1 & 2 on the same day. Sales hit the roof for both books. Thank God. In fact, Book 1 was an Amazon Bestseller for weeks!

Amazon Bestseller - Hooked by one Curvy Girl

My Tips:

When writing standalone novels, give your readers an ending to remember.

Also, make sure the emotional connection between your characters stay real, hot and builds up so that readers can feel it, in fact almost touch it. 

Don't tell the readers what's happening, show them with words!

My Conclusion: 
Most importantly, write a story from your heart. 
Edit it. 
Read it. 
Rewrite it. 
Re-edit it. 
Re-read it.
Give it to someone you trust will give you an honest opinion to read.
Make corrections.
Order & Read Proof Copy or Approve Proof online

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