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Thursday, 13 April 2017

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My Steamy Bad Boy Romance, titled Enticed Forever is out now!!!

Enticed Forever is available now
You will meet a confident, tall and sexy millionaire, Theo Galanos who thinks he has every woman figured out and Aize Ogie, an attractive head of marketing who wants nothing to do with him. But his plan to lure her into his bed backfires!

Book Title: Enticed Forever ~ A Bad Boy Romance
Genre: Contemporary/Interracial/Multicultural
Release Date: 13th April 2017
Paperback: ISBN-10: 1543203175
ISBN-13: 978-1543203172


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~ An Attraction…so Irresistible ~

Millionaire bad boy, Theo Galanos has two things worked out. Women want anything money can buy. And he has no

problems keeping them sweet as long as his heart is not involved. But when he hits a car and sends it spinning off the road, he meets Aize Ogie, an attractive woman in a figure-hugging dress who wants nothing he has to offer. Nothing prepares him for the body-popping tension which grips his chest and nearly sweeps him off his feet.

Aize must find the President of Galanos Holdings, get him to approve the all-important contract if she must secure the promotion she wants. But the mysterious man, rumoured to be Hampshire’s bad boy is hard to catch. When her car is bumped off the road and she opens her eyes on a hospital bed, the exotic-speaking and muscular man staring down at her sends shockwaves through her cleavage. Faced with the sexy man who only gives a woman what money can buy, Aize is torn between giving up on her promotion and allowing her heart sway her head.

Will Theo let go of his selfish desire to hold back his heart in this steamy romance?

Theo reached out his hand to clasp hers, but Aize dodged his touch and grabbed the chair opposite him, a wide grin on her face.

Inside him, he was unsure whether Aize was playing hard to get. The pink, scallop-edged, lace bustier top she wore accentuated her small breasts and slender waist, while the dark blue leggings showed off her hot curves. Imagining her topless for a second left his cheeks burning with longing.

‘Thanks. You have great curves by the way,’ he added, turning aside to avoid her haunting gaze. Patting his cheeks with his cool palms, he stood behind her, breaking into a whistle when he saw the tattoo on her top right shoulder.

Tilting her neck upward, she stared up at him. ‘Oh, you’ve seen my tattoo.’

Intrigued by the small ink design on her pretty skin, he asked. ‘Where else do you have a tattoo?’

‘Right on top of my bum,’ she giggled, touching her lower back.

A sharp pang of desire enveloped his groin and he reached for her waist, totally unable to stem his curiosity. ‘Can I see it?’

Aize wriggled out of her seat, dislodging his hands around her waist as she took refuge near the oak sideboard in the formal dining area.

‘My waist is ticklish,’ she admitted with the wave of one hand. But from where she stood, Aize lifted her clingy top slightly, and he caught a glimpse of praying hands and a cross with some writing on her brown skin.

For several seconds, his heart pounded inside his chest because he wanted to strip off her leggings and take her from behind. Instead, he swallowed and took in several deep breaths, mumbling, ‘Your tattoos are super sexy.’

Behind her, the top of the solid wood sideboard would have made a grand bed to actualize his fantasy. All he had to do was throw aside the miniature balls decorating the surface.

‘Thank you. Do you have any tattoos yourself?’ he heard her ask, aborting his tour down fantasy lane.

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

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Hello and welcome to our Guest Post today.

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Okeke Magnus is an IT Professional, The Co-Founder of 4ward NG, Bok Conversion expert and a comic book critic. He heads the mechanical team on OkadaBooks and loves to travel.


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