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Do You Sometimes Feel Lost? #Advicebench

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So you feel lost sometimes? It is okay. You are not alone.

I watched a movie last night with my husband, titled The Catholic Priest. I was gladly surprised to learn that even Priests sometimes feel lost.

As long as we are human beings, we do not know the future. And uncertainty brings fear. Consequently, sometimes we feel lost about many things.

What You Can Do

A) About You

1. Look at yourself in the mirror, smile and give yourself a thumb up. sign 
2. Say to yourself every now and again "Well done!"
3. For example, it is your birthday and no one remembers, not even your boyfriend or husband. It is not the end of the world. Go out, buy yourself the gift you want and sing, 'happy birthday' to yourself.

4. You envy your friends, colleagues or others because they wear designer clothes or carry a designer bag. If you can't afford a Gucci Bag, buy a replica or a Zucci bag (unknown label)!!! The men can't tell the difference!
5. If you can't afford Brazilian hair extensions, (I don't see why anyone in their right minds would buy a wig or hair extension for £1000 anyway), buy a beautiful cheaper option. Your husband or boyfriend would not know one from the other.

6. Look good and feel good and you will be validated. Stop waiting for other people to make you feel good. You will WAIT forever. They have their insecurities as well.
7. Looking good does not mean buying the most expensive clothes or shoes on the planet! It means putting it all together nicely, wearing a smile and walking like you are wearing designers! Get it? I do it and no one is the wiser. Go shopping or order from online sites that offer sales or sell at rock bottom prices.
8. Smile: Take good care of yourself at all times, love yourself and SMILE.

9. Celebrate yourself: Open a bottle of wine, hold a  large piece of chicken in
one hand, whistle to yourself and sing in your heart. When your husband asks you what's happening, tell him you are excited about who you are and about how awesome God is in your life.

10. Be Thankful: Are you too big to praise the God who gave you life and sustains you? Then go to the mortuary, put an alarm clock there, go back in the morning and see how many dead bodies wake up to the sound of the alarm clock.

"Only great fools are ungrateful".
Be thankful for who you are, what you are and where you are. You are not a mistake!!!

Ques: How many people go to bed thanking God because of you?

11. Help Others: Stop throwing yourself a pity party and start helping those around you.
12.Be Humble and throw away pride. Proud people do not know God.

13. Be Content: If you do not have what you need today, you will have  it tomorrow. Do not get high blood pressure just to keep up with the joneses.
 B) About Your Marriage

1. Worry Less: If you kill yourself because your husband committed adultery, he will marry the other woman. Prove to the other woman you can keep your home.

2. Stay Committed: Once you make up your mind to get married, make up your mind to stand by your husband or wife no matter what you go through. 

3. Know this truth, no one will hurt you more than your husband or wife. Make up your mind to forgive him or her in advance.

4. Marry your friend because he or she will invade your privacy. Marry someone who knows your weaknesses and decides to cope.

5. Pray for your husband or wife and help him or her to succeed.

6. Wives, submit to your husbands and respect them. Note: Submission means strength put under control, not wife slavery.

7. Husbands, love and cherish your wives.

8. If a husband or any man lays his hands on his wife or girlfriend, he needs psychiatric attention urgently.

C) About Your Children

1. Give your children spiritual values, societal and cultural values. Teach your children your language. Love your child. Pray for your children.

2. Do not kill yourself because of any rebellious child. Go on your knees, pray and never give up.

3. For example, if your daughter gets pregnant or your son impregnates a girl, you should rebuke her, (or him) cry if you must, but do not abandon her or throw her out.

Culled from Pastor Funke Adejumo's talk on Living the Fullness. I love listening to this woman, she is absolutely practical and down-to-earth.

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Little flames burnt her throat and she swallowed.

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Tiny shivers snaked down her back…stretching further down.

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