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Pick Any Flirty & Feisty Romance Book

Pick Any Flirty & Feisty Romance Book
Feel the heat, chemistry, then laugh, cry, travel to exotic places & drool with suspense!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

#Newrelease ~ GUILTY of LOVE #IR #Mustread #99c

Dear Romance Readers,

I'm extremely excited to tell you that my hot New Release: GUILTY of LOVE is now available on Amazon, Smashwords and Okada Books.

If you prefer to hold GUILTY of LOVE in your hands, click to get a Paperback copy.

In this Steamy hot romance, you will meet the sexy hero, Adam Brume and the curvy beauty who makes him forget his plans, Letitia Cruz.


~ A Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel ~

~ One blazing look…fuels his desire ~

Taking a quick break from his search for the man who put his dad behind bars, Adam meets a curvy, dark-haired, intelligent beauty with a lovely sense of humour. She sets his body on fire and shakes him to his core. He longs for her and will move mountains to be by

her side. But when he finds out the family responsible for wrecking his dad’s life, his heart is at war with his head as the identity of the woman he is up against throws him into a dilemma.

Letitia wants to get back at the man who made her family suffer. She will do anything to see the man return to jail. A quick stopover on holiday brings her across a hot, sculpted and protective bloke who stirs something deep within her and leaves her body and soul aching with a sharp need. When she eventually confronts her enemy, recognition dawns and every locked-up emotion comes crashing down.

Will Letitia and Adam be found Guilty of Love?

~ From the Author of All of Me: A Sweet & Steamy Romance ~

Clasping his hands together, Adam knocked on Letitia’s hotel door.

In his head he counted in a disorderly fashion. One. Two. Seven and ten. His heart rocked and rolled around his chest. She always took at least two minutes before she opened the door. He licked his lower lip.

And then the door eased back without a sound.

“That’s my definition of gorgeous!” he whistled, reaching out to grab her shoulders and kicking the door shut behind them.

Outfitted in a muted mauve body-forming dress with a neckline low enough to get his Candy Cane singing, she looked ready to capture his body.

Letitia giggled in his arms as she looked up at him. Her long, dark eyelashes patted her cheeks as she lowered her gaze to his arms.

“Thank you. You look charming and you smell like I want to keep you here and get naughty.”

Leaning over her body as she bent backward, he caressed her lips with the tip of his tongue before he deepened the kiss. When he set her mouth free, he tugged at the ribbon decorating the front of her dress. The gap in the cut-out hole widened, revealing more of her big boobs.

She trembled as if heat surged through her body and her gaze followed his hands. “What are you doing, Adam?”

“I’m fiddling with your dress to take a peep at your boobs.”

She swatted his hands. “Are we going out or are you going to stand here and eat up my boobs with your eyes?”

He paused as if he was thinking about the two options. “Could stare at your boobs all day.”

She slipped back into his arms and began undoing his top button.

Fascinated by her move, he let her have her way. By the time she got to the lower button, her gaze had turned glassy and she spread her fingers around his chest, brushing each one over his nipples in turn.

The drum roll of his heart reached his ears as blood crashed through his body with great speed. Every nerve in his body tautened. He grabbed her wrists.

She stared up at him. Desire raged in her golden gems.

And he was sorely tempted to strip off her dress. “Are you ready for this?” he spat through tight lips because his entire body had grown as rigid as a log.

“Not quite,” she mumbled, breathing fast.

“Then keep your hands to yourself,” he warned. “Once unveiled, my Candy Cane won’t retreat.”

A soft moan shot out of her half-parted lips as her head curved to her right.

Shooting an answering groan of his own, he muttered against her lips. “What do you want from me, Letitia?”

Instead of replying, she twisted one hand free and pressed her palm against his chest.

A terrific quake plagued his body and he growled. The sound seemed to fuel her desire because she swept her fingers over his tautened nipples and rigid muscles like a tornado.

With heat exploding right through him, he grabbed the ribbon in her dress and ripped it aside.

She gasped as her dress fell aside to expose her left breast covered in a delicate white lace bra. Before she could withdraw, he flattened one hungry palm against her beautiful brown breast and squeezed gently.

A heart-wrenching moan launched out from her gut…
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