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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Book Showcase: Images by @Embue1 #Newrelease #ASMSG

Dear Romance Readers,
On Book Showcase, I have Author Loretta R. Walls here to celebrate the release of her new book titled: Images.
Please give Loretta a warm welcome.

Meet Siobhan, Catina, Felecity and Ra'Chelle Fordham-Marshall born in Beverly Hills, California to entertainment attorney, Gavin, and former model, now registered nurse, Toni.

When things take a turn in their lives, Toni decides a change must come. Upon their new life in Chamberlaine Grove, they must follow a new journey without the privileges they used to have.

Follow the four women to see if they can endure the challenges of chasing their dreams in the midst of it all. 

Loretta R. Walls has been writing since the age of thirteen and was inspired after reading Secrets by Danielle Steel. Throughout her teen years, she completed over a dozen books for personal enjoyment.  Her debut novel, Spices of Life was released in 2005.

An innovative thinker, Loretta enjoys taking her audience to places most dream of visiting and all the while, making her readers feel as if they are among it all.  The author enjoys taking risks with her creativity, always striving for a new level of interest with her characters she places in the forefront. 

The author lives in the Richmond, Virginia area with her family.

When it comes to writing a story, The Princess of Original Urban Romance is like no other.


Follow Loretta via:
Facebook: Loretta R. Walls
Instagram: @NCPCEO
Twitter: @NCPCEO and @Embue1



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