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Friday, 4 March 2016

#Review of You are still the one @SashaClinton #ASMSG

Welcome to Book Showcase
I got a request to review You are still the one (NYC Singles Books 1) by the author, Sasha Clinton.  Congratulations Sasha on your new release.

Available on Amazon

I felt honoured and privileged she asked me to read her new release.

Today, I finished reading, You are still the one and I have posted my personal comments and ratings.

My Review Title: Love taken for granted and finally appreciated

Andrew is a handsome and intelligent man who is dense enough to stay ‘married’ to his new business. He wants to succeed at all cost, while his fairy tale marriage and his starry-eyed wife, Ashley take second place. Phone calls to his wife a few times a day are his way of showing how much he ‘cares’. My heart ached for this young couple. Ashley confronted her husband about his persistent absence from home. Her complaint of being lonely and her cry for attention went unanswered. But I wish she was stronger character.

Andrew’s father, Carl is a vile man. I wanted to kill him off so many times, I lost count. But he is the reason, Andrew is so driven.
The author has a great way of delivering a bucket load of laughter through the characters dialogue and thoughts. I laughed a lot. Andrew’s promises of a better future became like saw dust in Ashley’s ears and they eventually went their separate ways. I felt Ashley’s pain. The author drew me in with her graphic writing of Ashley’s misery. And, Andrew’s panic attack and memory recall was strong and intense.

Seven years later, Andrew and Ashley's coming back together was so rocky, I wanted to scream in frustration. There were times I could not connect with Andrew's unnecessary hesitation. To me, the timing of Andrew’s first flashback affected the smooth flow of the story.
Overall: It was an emotional story of love, acute pain, separation and second chance.

My Favourite Quote From You are still the one

“I love you, Ashley. I tried so hard not to. But I always lose when I see you. It’s not fair that you are so beautiful inside and out. It’s not fair that you’re so amazing that you fill all my thoughts and say all the right things every time. It’s not fair that you make me feel like a better man than I am.”

 My Ratings:

I give 4 fruit bouquet  to You are still the one by Sasha Clinton - For a lovely story, medium emotional connection, wish there was a deeper connection with the characters.

4 fruit bouquet

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