Friday, 29 November 2013

Is Tricia a Shy #Tempress or a #Sexy #Seductress? LOITERING SHADOWS #Contemporary #Romance

By the time his lips touched hers, she’d almost died of waiting and wanting.

With her eyes closed, she felt herself falling back to the bed, but she was caught in time by his rescuing hand behind her back.

At first, she was too shocked by his hard, moist lips searching and demanding influence, but when he thrust his sweet, delicious, pleasure giving and receiving tongue inside her mouth, seeking and probing, an explosion of sorts occurred in her head.

Her brain told her to push him away…that this had to stop, but her body wanted this more than the farmers need rain after a long bout of drought.

Instead, she kissed him back. It was a hot and tingling kiss. But when his hands
caressed her bare left shoulder, she jerked away, confused.

That was a close call.

She knew she was wet below. See where a simple unsolicited kiss has led her? Right into the arms of an unknown man, who for all she knew eked his living from milking vulnerable young women dry of their precious virginity?

Is she a virgin?


Tainted By Betrayal 

Nigerian born Tricia Adesuwa Idahosa believes the emotional betrayal she suffered

from Greg has shaped her future. When she’s accidentally thrown into British business impresario, Prescott Vander-Scott’s path in the UK, she’s not ready for a relationship. But when the blazing tornado of Prescott’s demanding attention sweeps across her busy life, it leaves her struggling for answers. 

Will His Persistence Pay Off? 

To Prescott, blond women help keep his bed and body warm…until he meets black beauty Marketing Executive, Tricia Idahosa. Can he cope with her intruding past? Will he find a potent cure for her mother’s prejudice against a mixed race affair? Or will he move on to the next eager blond? 

A heart-rending, thrilling and emotionally entangling can't put it down.

Flirty & Feisty Romance...Our promise is to deliver an intensely emotional experience you'll never forget.

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