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Saturday, 11 June 2011




About your family/background, your location:

I come from a large family of six, in Edo State, Nigeria. I'm married to my best friend and sweetheart, Augustine and, we have two lovely and caring children who are keeping us thoroughly occupied. My daughter insisted I use her name in one of my books, and I did (The Gardener's Ice Maiden)! We live in Bromley, Kent, United Kingdom.

I have always taken significant pleasure in writing drama scripts as far back as when I was in St. Maria Goretti Girls Grammar School in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. With a B.Sc (Hons) in Microbiology, an Executive Masters in Business Administration and over fifteen years experience working as a Food Safety Professional, I knew I was missing out on not utilizing my literary talent.

As a result of my resolute passion for reading and writing romance novels, in 2010, I created Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel stable. Since I published my very first inspirational romance novel; LOITERING SHADOWS in May 2010, there has been no stopping me bubbling with so much more intriguing fiction to tell.

I'm also the author of other inspirational, contemporary romance titles; STORMY DEFENSE, BEYOND the LADY and the National Novel Writing Month 2010 winning novel, THE GARDENER’s ICE MAIDEN.

How and why did you decide to get published?

I spoke with a colleague where I worked as a Quality Assurance Manager in a Bakery in August 2008. I told her I’d like to get published. She asked me, ‘What’s stopping you?’ I told her, I didn’t know. She stuck a reporter’s notebook and a pen in my unsure hands, and told me to write anything that came to my mind as I commuted from Reading to Earlsfield(UK) daily.

After I wrote my first book, I wanted to publish it. I’d read a lot about how authors get rejected. One day on the train, I saw a book left on the train written by a self-published author. Surfing the internet, I read all about self-publishing. I got published because I wanted to immortalize the message that God’s love transcends any barrier using a medium am passionate about - romance.

What genre do you write?

Fiction, romance, contemporary.

What is the story behind your book(s)?

I’ve published four books. The fifth title (SPARKLING DAWN) is being edited. I write tales drawn from personal experiences, from others, from what I glean around and the interesting dimensions my mind dreams up. My four books have covered controversial themes of racial barrier, prostitution, age gap, the stigma of having a child out of wedlock & single motherhood. And in my fifth, I’ve tucked in rape.

If you write fiction; what’s the source of your inspiration? How much of YOU show up in your writing?

I write fiction. My inspiration comes from God. I go to bed and when I wake up on many occasion, I’ve a story or conversation swirling around in my heart and head. As I start to reflect more on the story, I realize I’ve enough experience to begin writing. And where I get stuck, I research more to write a novel.

A lot of who I am shows up in my writing. I love witty conversation, flavoured with imagery. My writing is an embodiment of my life experiences, passion for romance and a flair for sharp and amusing dialogue.

Describe your book(s) in a single sentence:

Witty, emotionally intense and suspense filled.

How have you found the writing process?

Interesting, intense, painstaking and fulfilling.

Do you experience writer’s block/how did you overcome it?

Once in a while I do. I simply stop typing. Go on to do other things and come back after a few hours or after a day...and it flows.

Do you have a blog? What do you write about?

Yes. My blog is a platform to promote love, warmth & passion in relationships. I write about everyday knotty issues in relationships.

Flirty & Feisty Romance Blog

What books are on your shelf at home?

Fiction, romance novels; Mills & Boon: modern, sensual, Silhouette romance, Kimani romance, Arabesque romance etc.

What are you good at as an individual?

Writing fiction, cooking traditional Nigerian dishes, hat making, making people feel welcome & at home etc.

What form of entertainment do you enjoy most and why?

Watching films in the Cinema. Watching romantic films, drama & reality shows on TV. I find it engaging, heart warming and relaxing. I can laugh and cry.

What are your other interests?

In my spare time, I love to swim, read, bake and wrap myself up to watch my favourite TV shows. How I love to travel!

Your preferred pet?

My son asks me this question all the time. I don’t have pets. I love birds.

What’s your choice meal/favourite restaurant?

Fried plantain & eggs. Any restaurant that serves spicy and tasty meals will be tops for me.

What’s your music choice?

Blues, pop and gospel music.

Name your much-loved city in the world.

I have never been to Venice (Italy). I’d love to see the canals and gondolas. Another city calling me to visit is Las Vegas. I love the glam and the lights.

Name your choice world leader (past/present) and why.

Bill Clinton (former president, USA). Effective foreign policy of dialogue & partnership. Charming, with flawed character, overcoming Monika gate affair. Brought love and respect to the American people.

If you had one wish, what would it be?

To land a multimillion pounds book deal! I love and enjoy writing and creating stories.

What would you say you’re bad at?

Do-It-Yourself, physics, map reading. My sense of direction is laughable and pathetic!

What's the most embarassing thing you've done?

Hmmm...Can't pin point one act. Can I really be embarassed? I doubt it. I'll probably laugh and dust it off! Oh...I remember now...when my husband kissed me on our wedding day 12 years ago in front of a massive crowd without warning! Yes...since then, I've got used to his lovely kisses in public.

What are you squeamish about?

Creepy crawlies. Can't stand slippery stuff! And I'm squeamish when I see blood or watch violence in a film. Just not for me.

Anything else your readers don’t know about you?

I drink a glass of warm water each morning. Helps me clean out my system. Try it. I only started it months ago. I listen to church hymns on youtube before I fall asleep.

What’s your favourite quote?

Be of good cheer, don’t be afraid.

Why should a reader buy your book?

It’s the recipe to knock out the stress of daily living, cure you of boredom, make you laugh, keep you drooling in suspense, drawing you into an intensely emotional cycle. And for their sheer entertainment value.

Last word:

You can be who you want to be through the courage of your convictions and God’s grace.

Where can your book be found/bought/website?



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