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Saturday, 6 November 2010


There is amazing news from Flirty and Feisty Romance Novels. Only yesterday, I entered a competition to write a brand new title called;THE GARDENER's ICE MAIDEN. It's an awesome challenge because I will have to start and complete this 50,000 words novel in November 2010. And, I started today, 6th November 2010!

I think I'm going a bit wacky! Why? You wonder. I'm still in the middle of editing my latest novel and here I am, embracing a whole, new, testy challenge. I love writing romance fiction. And if there's a competition anywhere in the world, I'd go for it headlong. Nothing gives me more pleasure than sitting by my computer with my fingers flying over the keys generating a brand new novel.

For our valued readers eagerly awaiting our promised upcoming new novel; BEYOND the LADY, which is due out before Christmas 2010, the schedule isn't affected by this new challenge.

BEYOND the LADY will be out in time for you to order it as a gift for your friends, families and colleagues at Christmas. Watch out and be the first to read the exciting story about a woman of easy virtue who intends to rock the world of a geneorus and religiously minded man...
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